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Ready-made companies from 879,- EUR

Purchase an existing company - Ready-Made without any obligations. Ready-Made company is ready to sell.

In the case of Ready-Made you buy the whole company, with no past and no obligation. This is the same as – LLC, but you do not have to wait for a company as a whole. After the purchase you can make any changes that are in the price. In addition to personnel changes (change of shareholders and managers) may decide on corporate changes (change of name, headquarters, business subjects etc.), all with the help of MM iuris. All initial changes are at the price at which you buy Ready-Made, i.e. without any additional charge.


More information

Our Services Ready-made LLC includes, inter alia::

  • court fees (included in the price)
  • unlimited number of free trade
  • we provide service across the whole Slovak Republic
  • extract from the Business Register SR included in the price
  • consultation with a lawyer
  • entering in the Business Register SR within 7 days
  • virtual office for one year!
    (* in the case where a virtual seat is at MM iuris)
  • regular mail forwarding
    (* in the case where a virtual seat is at MM iuris)
  • labeling mailbox with company name
    (* in the case where a virtual seat is at MM iuris)

Ready-Made – description of the company:

  • Ready-Made zapísaná v obchodnom registriregistered in Business register and registered in the tax office
  • Ready-Made bez záväzkovno past, no liabilities and claims
  • Základné imanie Ready-Maderegistered capital is fully paid
  • Pri Ready-Made je možná akákoľvek zmenapossible any amendment

Ready-made LLC

Ready-Made Company + seat

PRICE: 1279,- EUR

879,- EUR

Virtual office for one year 190,- EUR

(* The address B.Bartóka 1048/24, 979 01 Rimavská Sobota)

Together 1 069,- EUR

Ready-made LLC:

PRICE: 1099,- EUR

949,- EUR

* Additional costs:
1. The legalization of signatures on prepared documentation (1.5€ registry office or notary about 3€ per signature)
2. Advantaged administrative fee in the amount of € 7.5 for bound or handicraft trade.
3. Opening a bank account (price depending on the particular bank)

The graph of ordering ready-made companies:

Ready-Made objednávka platba
Payment Order
after payment
po uhradení
Ready-Made oprávnenie konať
authority to act
7 days
7 dní
Ready-Made vlastníctvo
handing over complete