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Advantages of MM iuirs

Expert team

Your project will be dealt with individually integrated team consisting of lawyers, economists and tax consultants. We will consider your requirements in technical terms and provides service to your complete satisfaction.


The high standard of service which we offer, MMiuris has the lowest price on the market and with no hidden fees. If you find someone cheaper, we equate them.


Our experts represent a guarantee of professional knowledge in law, economics and taxation.


The Company will be established within 15 working days, or MMiuris will sell it immediately and in a few hours you can begin to act on its behalf.


The names of our clients are not published. This will not prevent mention it before your surroundings as you are be satisfied with our services.


In addition to a full-fledged consultation we provide our clients also a comprehensive service in the field of accounting, identity formation or establishment of the company abroad. Your company will be registered at the tax office.

Time Efficiency

Let the entire administration to us. Take the time to your business activities and management decisions.


We will create for you a company according to your needs and intentions.


Do not worry about filing objections of poorly prepared documentation, which happens quite often. Count on our experts.


MMiuris provide to their clients a free consultation during the entire setting of internal relations in society but also in the creation of identity.


Our Company has completed hundreds of companies and has several dozen of regular clients.


Leave everything to us. You do not have to visit even a notary. Simply line the legs, tell us what you need and in a few days check your mailbox.